About Me

My name is Ianna, and I'm a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles.


I’m from northern California and first picked up a camera to capture the beauty of the nature surrounding where I grew up. When I started photographing people, I quickly realized how much I love taking portraits.


When I’m not snapping photos, I'm working as an actor and artist/illustrator. I recognize the purpose of a headshot as a tool for actors to get hired, and I know how to creatively play and direct others without being overbearing. Painting gives me an eye for aesthetically pleasing images and a skill for sculpting light in the studio. 


Los Angeles is painfully expensive - that’s why I offer headshot sessions for a range of prices designed to fit any budget. People from all walks of life should have access to pursuing their dreams. Achieving the perfect headshot doesn’t need to be overwhelming, it can be a joyous experience.